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(It's pronounced Yust)


Meet the Gin enthusiasts

Times are changing. People are beginning to drink less, but drink better. This is why we crafted a Gin to fit into a balanced lifestyle.

A gin with such a unique taste, it can be savoured moderately with mindful consideration.

A quintessentially Scandinavian gin with a unique taste, to be savoured and appreciated with mindful consideration. After all, what’s the rush?


The Founder. Inspired by Scandinavian roots that date back to the Vikings (and the burial mounds to prove it), Rolf first had the idea for a pure Swedish gin in 2010.

Passionate, pertinacious & driven by a lust for life, like a True Viking, Rolf has been rowing and sailing all his life, but his favourite thing to raid is a smorgasbord.


Master Craftsman #1. Slightly eccentric but incredibly talented, Janne is obsessively meticulous in his distilling craft. Would rather spend time with animals than humans and has been known to bite if taken by surprise.


Master Craftsman #2, the sensible counterbalance and a perfect foil to Janne’s imagination. Fiercely protective of the gin recipe into which he’s invested so much. When he’s not refining his craft, he’s reading self-improvement books.


Marketing Strategist. Chess enthusiast. Lead guitar player and artist. Spends too much time on social media. Eats the blueberries in his dill gin & tonic first.


The Driving Force behind JÜST. Never stays still and travels to more countries in a week than most of us do in a year. Finds the clink of icecubes in his gin on the rocks calming, like a mantra.


Eternally youthful design genius. You wouldn’t want to get on the back of a motorbike with him, but he does draw nice pictures. Knows that balance in design is as important as balance in life (and on a Ducati).


The eye behind the camera lens, capturing the essence of a thing in a click. Freyja has the mental strength to overcome any obstacle life throws in her path, boosted by her love of food and drink, she’s a passionate gourmet who is always creating the next amazing wholesome recipe or delicious gin cocktail.