(It’s pronounced Yust)



Master craftsmen Janne and Anders wanted to create their own version of the classic London Dry, with a distinctive Swedish taste.

In their small workshop on the Göta Canal, next to Lake Boren in sleepy Borensberg, Sweden, they used some of the purest water in the world to blend a gin with 5 carefully selected botanicals.


After years of trial and error, their breakthrough came when they added the King of Swedish herbs, fresh Crown Dill.


Not too little, not too much, JÜST the right amount.


The subtle lemony-sweet flavour, found in so many Swedish dishes, gave their gin the distinctive taste of Sweden they’d been looking for.


The word ‘dill’ itself comes from the old Norse word ‘dylla’, meaning to soothe or lull.


Perfectly Borensberg.


Meticulous, stubborn and patient in their recipe and production, Janne and Anders finally created a world-class, proudly Swedish gin.

Just Gin


Balance, simplicity and integrity is at the heart of our craft.
But we wanted to bring something unique to gin with a distinctly
Swedish taste. We set out to create a smooth gin that delivered
something a little different, a bit unexpected. Inspired by
traditional dry but noticeably Swedish.

It took us a little longer than expected, but we got there.
Janne & Anders 


JÜST blends 5 carefully selected international botanicals,
subtly led with fresh Swedish Dill.

The king of herbs in Sweden, Dill’s lemony, sweet flavourand aniseed-like aroma is characteristic of many Swedish dishes.

Our freshest botanicals include: Juniper berries from the Austrian Alps, Paradise grain from West Africa, Mediterranean sweet and bitter almond and Licorice Root from Ceylon.

Using small-batch production techniques JUST is stored in a steel tank for at least 2 weeks, allowing the fusion of the botanicals.

We use some of the purest water in the world.


In Sweden we have a philosophy on life, it’s called Lagom and it
means “Not too little. Not too much. Just right.”

The Swedish proverb, “Lagom är bäst”, literally means, “The right
amount is best” or “Enough is as good as a feast”

We believe that it’s important to always drink in moderation. To
maintain a healthy balance between work and relaxation.

So please enjoy JÜST mindfully. A gin of this taste and quality
deserves to be savoured 🙂

Enjoy, J&A